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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Support Center


The John Spellman Library helps students develop skills in accessing, evaluating, and using information as part of their instructional programs. To accomplish this, the library hosts a comprehensive collection of materials carefully selected to support the educational needs of Grays Harbor College students in academic transfer programs, workforce preparation, transition programs, and the new Baccalaureate degree programs. Along with its collection of printed materials including books, journals, and DVDs, the library continues to expand its ever-growing collection of online resources including peer-reviewed scholarly journals, literary and art criticism, global newspapers, streaming films, and more. In addition to its scholarly support, the library provides students with access to technology. There are computers available to use during the library’s extensive open hours as well as laptops that students can check out for use in our quiet carrels and study rooms. The library also provides access to digital media for checkout, including cameras, video recording equipment, audio recorders, tripods, and other useful tools.

Special collections and exhibits are available to enhance students’ education experience at the College. The library’s main art gallery displays the works of a variety of artists in ever-changing exhibits. For more information about the John Spellman Library visit our website at http://ghc.libguides.com/home, visit us in person on the top floor of the 1500 (Academic Success Center) building, or phone us at (360) 538-4050.

Learning Center

The GHC Learning Center provides tutoring and other support for students’ academic endeavors. Students may drop by the Learning Center on a first come-first serve basis. Resources include tutoring in all disciplines, computers with internet access, copies of many textbooks, online tutoring study skills materials, and study space.  For information please go to tutoring.

The Learning Center is staffed by trained tutors who can help students at all educational levels (please see our website for current tutor schedules). Online tutoring is also available, 7 days a week, with contact links and schedule for individual disciplines listed online at eTutoring. All services are free for GHC students. The Learning Center also sponsors Student Success Workshops, assists with the formation of study groups, and offers study skills consultations. It is located on the ground floor of the 1500 (Academic Success Center) Building. For more information call (360) 538-4060, or email us at learningcenter@ghc.edu.


GHC’s eLearning office helps both students and faculty with course-based technologies. Primary among these are the Learning Management System, Canvas, which is used by both online and hybrid courses, and as a major technology presence in most other classes as well. Contact eLearning to solve troubles such as Canvas login problems, pages not opening, not seeing your class on your dashboard, not being able to submit homework - or any other of the infinite number of inexplicable problems that students may sometimes face. This is the place to turn to for help.

eLearning can be found on the ground floor of the 1500 (Academic Success Center) Building, on the web, by phone at (360) 538-4085, or by email at elearning@ghc.edu. Trouble tickets can conveniently be submitted via the “help” button inside of Canvas itself.

Writing Center

The Grays Harbor College Writing Center, staffed by a full-time English faculty member and student peer tutors, is located on the ground floor of the 1500 (Academic Support Center) building. The Writing Center provides all students with feedback and assistance in completing writing assignments in their GHC courses.

Students who are taking courses that involve writing are encouraged to enroll in ENGL 100L - Writing Lab . ENGL 100L  carries variable credit (1 or 2) depending on how many times per week students attend the Writing Center for help in working through their assignments. The ENGL 100L  course is officially listed as recommended preparation (co-enrollment) for all composition courses (ENGL 060 , ENGL 095 , ENGL& 101 , ENGL& 102 , ENGL 150  & ENGL& 235 ). This recommendation is stronger for students whose placement scores put them at the lower end of placement in ENGL 060 , ENGL 095 , or ENGL& 101 .

Although students enrolled in ENGL 100L  will be guaranteed assistance, the Writing Center will also serve students who are not enrolled in the Writing Lab class on a drop-in basis as staffing permits.

TRiO Programs at GHC

TRiO programs at Grays Harbor College are here to help low-income students, first-generation students, and students with disabilities gain knowledge of the higher education setting and achieve college access and success. The primary purpose of TRiO is to help students prepare for and plan their transfer to a four-year college or university. Services provided include guidance for completing the federal financial aid application, identifying and writing scholarship applications, career planning, transfer planning, and cultural opportunities.

The TRiO Student Support Services program concentrates on those students completing an academic transfer degree or program. The TRiO STEM program aids students intending to complete a degree in a science, technology, engineering or math field including health science degrees. For more information and to apply for services come to the first floor of the Spellman library, call (360) 538-4076, or email trio@ghc.edu.