Nov 28, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PE 118 - Advanced Step Aerobics

2 credits

Apparent good health or physician’s approval for participation with modifications; PE 116  and PE 117  or instructor permission.

This class is designed to teach the student how to apply the principles of lifetime fitness and wellness utilizing step aerobics both in the class and outside the class. Students will be provided the opportunity to present a practical application of their knowledge during class.

Guided Practice Hours
4 guided practice hours.

AA General Elective
Up to 3 PE activity credits can be used as general electives in the AA degree.

Course Outcomes
  • The student will learn step aerobic choreography
  • The student will learn muscular strength and endurance routines
  • The student will learn flexibility routines
  • The student will acquire information about music selection
  • The student will become adept at identifying contraindicated exercise

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