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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PE 119 - Beginning Social Dancing

1 credits

Apparent good health or physician’s approval for participation with modifications.

This course introduces the student to the beginning levels of basic social dances. Students will develop confidence in the social dance situation in addition to gaining appreciation of and techniques for swing, foxtrot, Latin, waltz, polka, and schottische rhythms. Lifetime enjoyment, utilization of social skills, and enrichment of mental and physical health will be emphasized.

Guided Practice Hours
2 guided practice hours.

AA General Elective
Up to 3 PE activity credits can be used as general electives in the AA degree.

Course Outcomes
  • Students will be able to recognize and perform the basic steps of a variety of social dances (DL-4. CT-4, SPR-4)
  • Students will be able to identify the type of music associated with various dances (DL-4, CT-4, IU-3)
  • Students will acquire the basic social skills associated with dance etiquette (DL-4, CT-4, SPR-4, IU-3)
  • Students will gain an awareness of the value of social dance as a lifelong activity to improve mental and physical health, to aid in social adjustment, and re-enforce positive self-image (DL-4, CT-4, SPR-4)

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