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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PHIL& 101 - Introduction to Philosophy

5 credits

Recommended Preparation
READ 090  or placement in college level reading, ENGL 095  or placement in ENGL& 101 .

An introduction to the oldest of academic disciplines, PHIL& 101 explores the discipline’s basic issues and traditional tools:the nature of reality, the limits of knowledge, the meaning of human value, and, as its primary tool, the rigorous employment of rational argument.

Theory Hours
5 theory hours.

AA Specified Elective
Satisfies humanities distribution area G requirement or specified elective for the AA degree.

Course Outcomes
  • Students will learn about the discipline of philosophy and its history in the West
  • Students will improve their ability to construct rational written (and spoken) arguments
  • Students will explore important philosophical problems and the ways in which some thinkers have tried to resolve them
  • Students will learn to think critically about these problems and discuss them with others

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