May 23, 2024  
2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty and Administration

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Gregory J. Adamski
Adult Basic Education/GED/HS+
B.S., Northern Michigan University
Teaching Certificate, University of Michigan

Sarah Aiken
M.Ed., Lesley University
B.A., Washington State University - Education

Kristy Anderson
Chief of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning
M.S., The Evergreen State College
B.A., Western Washington University
A.A., Olympic College

Gary Arthur
Native Pathways Coordinator
B.A., Carroll College
M.A., California State University

Crystal Bagby
Interim Dean for Financial Services

B.A., M. Ed., Western Washington University

Bruce Bailey
Outreach Specialist
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Dr. Brad E. Baranowski
Director of Advising and Guided Pathways
Ed.D., University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
M.S.Ed., Indiana University - Bloomington
B.S., Grand Valley State University

Kathy Barker
M.Ed., Antioch University
B.A., Washington State University

Nathan Barnes
M.F.A., Idaho State University
B.F.A., University of Utah

Todd Bates
M.F., B.S., University of California, Berkeley
Vocational Certificate

Elizabeth Bay
Director of Admissions and Entry Services

B.A., Northern Arizona University
M.A., Portland State University

Dr. Monica Baze
Ph.D., University of Nevada Reno
B.S., Washington State University

Terri Bell

M.S., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
B.S., University of Washington
A.A.S., Olympic College

Scott Blankenship
Business Technology
M.A., B.A., Eastern Washington University
Vocational Certificate

Kwabena Boakye
Vice President for Administrative Services
M.S., California State University, Sacramento
B.S., California State University, Northridge 
C.P.A., California Board of Accountancy
C.I.A., Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

Ashley Bowie-Gallegos
Trio EOC Director

B.S., University of Texas Pan-Am
M.S., Full Sail University
M. Ed., Abilene Christian University

Dr. Edward J. Brewster
President (Interim)
Ed. D., Oregon State University
M.A., Whitworth College
B.A., University of Puget Sound

Debra Brogan
M.N., University of Washington - Tacoma
B.S.N., Saint Martin’s University
R.N.C., Specialty Certification Obstetrics
Vocational Certificate

Dave Brown
Student Support Specialist, TRIO Programs
B.M., M. Ed., Western Washington University
A.A., Shoreline Community College

Dr. Evi Buell
Dean of Instruction

B.A., Valparaiso University
M.A., Governors State University
PhD, Michigan Technological University

Dr. Donald Burke

B.A., M.A.,California State University
PhD, National University of Ireland

Dr. Darby C. Cavin
Humanities and Communications
Ed. D., Seattle Pacific University
M.L., University of St. Andrews
B.A., Whitworth College

Lori Christmas
Associate Director of Running Start
M.A., Saint Martin’s University
B.A., University of Washington
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Kari Collen
Dean for Student Access and Success
M.E, Central Washington University
B.A., Eastern Washington University
A.A., Spokane Falls Community College

Dr. Jenel Cope
History/Political Science
Ph.D., University of Utah
M.A., Boise State University
B.A., Idaho State University

Michael Cornwell
Human Services
M.A., B.S., University of Phoenix

Kimberly Cristobal
M.S.N., California State University, Dominguez Hills
BSN San Jose State University

Allison Criswell
M.A., University of British Columbia
B.A., Western Washington University

Taya Do
M.S. Ed., Walden University
B.A., Eastern Washington University
Professional Teaching Certification, Washington State University
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Holly Duffy
Director of Marketing & College Relations

B.A., University of Portland

Dr. William Dyer
Music, Education
D.M.A., Boston University
M.M., Northwestern University
B.M., University of Puget Sound

Derek Edens
Chief Executive of Information Technology
M.A.T., Concordia University Portland
B.S., Portland State University
A.A., Mt Hood Community College
Oregon K-12 Administrative License George Fox University

Matt Edwards
Director for Institutional Research and Reporting
M.S., Oregon State University
M.S., B.A., California State University
A.A., Shasta College

Chrissie Erickson
Medical Assistant
A.A., Grays Harbor College
Vocational Certificate

Dr. Cal Erwin-Svoboda
Vice President of Student Services

M. Ed., Western Washington University
B.A., Gonzaga

Nancy Estergard
Interim Dean for Workforce Education and Director for BAS-Teacher Education
M.S., B.S., Western Governors University
A.A., A.A.S., Grays Harbor College

Dr. Brittany Ferry
Interim Director for Transitions/Transitions Faculty
Ed.D., City University of Seattle
M.A., B.A., Western Washington University
M.A., Portland State University

Dr. Andrew Gaines
Ph.D., M.A., B.F.A., New York University

Jose “Tony” Garcia
Director of TRIO Programs
M.E.D., University of Washington
B.A., San Diego State University
A.A., San Diego Mesa Community College

Roberta Gibby
BFET Coordinator
A.A.S., Grays Harbor College

Amber Hatley
Student Success Navigator

B.A., M.Ed., Ashford University
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Dr. John Hillier
Astronomy, Earth Science, Physics
Ph.D., M.S., Cornell University
B.S., Harvey Mudd College

Margo Hood
Assistant to Vice President for Student Services

Melanie Israel
Business Management
M.S., Husson University
B.A., University of Vermont
A.S., Beal College
Vocational Certificate

Lance James
M.A., Keller Graduate School
B.A., Prairie View A & M University

Penny James
Assistant to Vice President for Administrative Services
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Darin Jones
Chief Executive of Human Resources
M.A., B.A., Utah State University

Jesse Kangas-Hanes
Automotive Technology
B.A.S., A.A.S., Lewis Clark State College
Vocational Certificate

Lindsey Kargbo

M.S.N., Grand Canyon University
B.S., Eastern Washington University
A.A.S., Grays Harbor College
Vocational  Certificate

Peter Keller
Director of Workforce Funding and Support Program
M.A., Swansea University
B.A., Towson University

Thomas Kuester
M.S., Western Washington University
B.S., Northern Arizona University

Nicole Lacroix
Vice President for Instruction 
M.A., Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
B.A., Western Michigan University  

Jason Lake
Interim Director/Project Lead
M.S., Western Governor’s University
B.A., Evergreen State College
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Anna Loup
Coordinator of Student Access, Inclusion, and Community

B.A., Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University
M.A., University of Southern California  

Erin Lynam
Corrections Education Navigator
B.A., The Evergreen State College

Sean Lyons

M.S., Utah State University
M.S.Ed., B.S., B.A., State University of New York at Oswego

Christopher Macht
Coordinator for Campus Operations

Patrick Mahoney
Forest Management
M.S., B.S., University of Idaho

Mitchell Margaris
Student Life and Esports Specialist

A.A., B.A.S.T.E., Grays Harbor College

Patrick Martin
M.S.,  B.S., Equivalency, Dublin University

Roderick S. McDonald
Welding Technology
M.A., B.V.E., California State University
A.A., Palomar College
Vocational Certificate

Dr. Hannah Mechler
Early Childhood Education
Ph.D., M.S., Texas Woman’s University
B.A., The University of Texas at Dallas
Vocational Certificate

Julie Miller
M.S.N. Ed, Grand Canyon University
B.S., Washington State University
A.A., Walla Walla Community College
Vocational Certificate

Dr. Anthony Molinero
Ph.D., M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.S., Seattle Pacific University

Amy Montoure
M.E., Lesley University
B.A., Saint Martin’s University
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Diane Muir
History Faculty
M.A., University of Washington
B.A., University of California Santa Barbara

Felicia Mullins
Director of Campus LIfe, Diversity and Leadership
DBA, M.A., City University of Seattle

Dr. James Neiworth
Ph.D., M.A., Washington State University
B.A., Western Washington University
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Amanda Newbold
Workforce Funding and Support Programs Coordinator

B.A., The Evergreen State College
M.S., Capella University

Carol O’Neal
Associate Dean for Nursing
M.S.N., University of Washington
B.S.N., Pacific Lutheran University
Vocational Certificate

David Parkinson
Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Management Coordinator
A.A., Grays Harbor College

Keith Penner
Chief of Campus Operations and Auxiliary Services

Jayme L. Peterson
Dean for Education
M.Ed., Grand Canyon University
B.A., Washington State University
A.A., Skagit Valley College

Lindsey Phernetton
Associate Director of Financial Aid
B.A., Central Washington University
A.A.S., Grays Harbor College

Paige Pierog
Career/Technical Ed & K-12 Support Specialist

M.S., Western Governor’s University
BAS Teacher Education, A.A., Grays Harbor College

Anita G. Plagge

M.S., Point Loma Nazarene University
B.S., Eastern Michigan University

Tim Plagge
M.S., Eastern Michigan University
B.S., Alma College

James “Matt” Poisso
M.S.N., B.S., Western Governors University
A.A.S., Grays Harbor College
Vocational Certificate

Dr. Chris A. Portmann
Social Sciences
Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
M.A., Regis University
B.S., Montana Tech

Adam Pratt
Carpentry Technology
Vocational Certificate

Jaime Reino
M.S., B.S., Washington State University

Debbie Richters
Coordinator, Workforce Education and Retraining
B.A., The Evergreen State College
A.A.S., Grays Harbor College

Kelly Richters
Building Trades
Vocational Certificate

Patricia Rider
Student Success Navigator - ABAWD
B.A., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico City

Brenda Rolfe-Maloney
M.S., B.A., University of Alaska, Anchorage

Adrienne J. Roush
M.L.I.S., University of Washington
B.A., The Evergreen State College

Camden Sahlinger
Workforce Funding & Support Programs Coordinator
M.Ed., Concordia University - Portland
B.A., Eastern Washington University

Ambrocia Sanchez
M.S.N., B.S.N., Western Governors University
A.A.S., Grays Harbor College
Vocational Certificate

Susan Schreiner
Associate Dean for Library, eLearning & Learning Support Services
M.S., San Diego State University
M.L.S., University of California, Los Angeles
B.A., University of California, San Diego

Kenji Seta
TRiO Student Support Specialist
M.S., Troy State University
B.S., United States Air Force Academy

Brian Shook
M.S., Oregon State University
B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz
A.A., West Valley College

Guy G. Slover
Adult Basic Education / Public Speaking
M.A., Eastern Washington University
B.S., Lewis-Clark State College

Dr. Kent Smaciarz
Coordinator of Education Centers
D.Min., Mount Angel Seminary
M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary
B.A., Northwest University

Lisa J. Smith
Executive Director of Grays Harbor College Foundation
B.A., Central Washington University

Tiffany Smith
M.A., Saint Martin’s University
B.A., Gonzaga University

Brian Snell
M.A., Pacific University

Tom Stearns
Writing Center/English
M.A., Southern Illinois University
B.A., University of Illinois

Kelsey Stegner
AccessAbility Support Services Coordinator

M.A., Evergreen State College
B.A., UC Santa Cruz
A.A., Cosumnes River College

Marjie Stratton
Assistant to Vice President For Instruction

A.A.S., Grays Harbor College

Tom Sutera
Athletic Director

B.A., Evergreen State College
A.A., Grays Harbor College

JEB Thornton
Director of Grant Development
M.A., Pacific Oaks College
B.A., The Evergreen State College

Monica Todd
M.N., University of Washington
B.S.N., Northern Michigan University
Vocational Certificate

Sarina Tung
Trio EOC Outreach & Enrollment Specialist

B.A., Western Washington University

Paul Turner
Student Support Specialist-Workforce Funding & Education Centers

B.S., Willamette University

Dr. Tracey Ushman, CFE
Ph.D., Capella University
M.B.A., University of Phoenix
B.S., B.A., Western Carolina University
A.A.S., Coastal Carolina Community College

Matthew Vargas
Student Success Navigator
Men’s Basketball / Head Coach

B.A., The Evergreen State College
A.A., Southeastern Louisiana University

Jeremy Winn
ELearning Coordinator
M.Ed., B.S., Austin Peay State University

Shiloh Winsor
M.A., B.A., Oregon State University

Sydni Yager
Controller, Assistant Dean for Financial Services 
M.S., B.S., Western Governors University 
A.A.S, A.A., Grays Harbor College

Evan Yankey
Diesel Technology

BAS Organizational Mngmt, A.A.S., Grays Harbor College

 Sandy Zelasko
Assistant to the President 

Dr. Mark Zerr
Economics, Business Law
J.D., M.B.A., B.B.A., University of Washington