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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Opportunities

Degree Programs

Grays Harbor College offers degrees in Academic Transfer, Professional and Technical Education, and three Bachelor of Applied Science programs.

Academic Transfer Degrees

Grays Harbor College offers nine associate degrees designed for transfer to baccalaureate institutions awarding Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees. These include the Associate in Arts, the Associate in Business, the Associate in Music, the Associate in Nursing, Associate in Pre-Nursing, and the Associate in Science.

Students who earn an associate transfer degree and are admitted to a Washington public baccalaureate institution are considered to have completed the lower division or general education requirements for that institution.

Professional and Technical Education

The Associate in Applied Science, the Associate in Applied Science-Transfer, and the Associate in Technology, are awarded to students completing an instructional program designed to prepare them for entry into specific occupations. At GHC, you can earn an associate degree or a certificate in the programs listed below. See specific programs for degree options.

  • Accounting
  • Automotive Technology
  • Business Management
  • Business Technology
  • Carpentry Technology
  • Commercial Transportation and Maintenance (CDL)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Diesel Technology
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Hospitality/Ecotourism (offered collaboratively with Peninsula College)
  • Human Services
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office Administrative Support
  • Natural Resources-Forestry Technician
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Occupational Entrepreneurship
  • Welding Technology

Annual studies show that many/most students who complete professional and technical programs are now working in their chosen fields.

Bachelor of Applied Science

Grays Harbor College offers three Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees. BAS degrees add junior and senior-level courses to two-year professional-technical degrees. By choosing a BAS degree, students build upon their already valuable two-year degrees to land higher paying jobs and promotions while employers get the rounded skill sets they seek in employees holding bachelor’s degrees. BAS degrees also prepare students to continue their education in master’s programs, including programs through The Evergreen State College, Brandman University, University of Washington, Washington State University, and Western Governors University.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Forest Resource Management (BAS-FRM)

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Forest Resources Management (BAS-FRM) prepares students to engage professionally as foresters in public and private companies, conservation managers, wildland fire supervisors, and other environmental professions.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management (BAS-OM)

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management (BAS-OM) allows workforce education completers to further develop their leadership, interpersonal communications, critical thinking, and supervision skills to advance careers in their chosen fields. The program focuses on applying soft skills in a selected career path and provides an overview of employment law, leadership ethics, accounting management, leading change, and labor issues.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education (BAS-TE)

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education (BAS-TE) provides place-bound students an education, beyond the associate level, which is tailored to their community. This program is designed to enable applicants with an AAS-ECE or an AA-DTA to combine their lower-division coursework with upper-division credits in education. The BAS-TE would also be the next educational stepping-stone for many students who wish to pursue advanced degrees.


One year or less certificates are offered in Accounting/Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping, Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Basic Small Business Skills, Business Technology (Formatting/Publishing Documents, Microcomputer Applications, Microsoft Office Applications, Office Professional Certification, Software Applications), Carpentry, Commercial Transportation and Maintenance (CDL), Criminal Justice, Diesel Technology, Early Childhood Education, Ecotourism, Hospitality, Practical Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Human Services, Substance Use Disorder, Medical Office Administrative Support, Natural Resources, and Welding.

High School Diplomas

You can earn your high school diploma in several ways at Grays Harbor College. For more information, see here.

Business and Community Education

Business Contract Training

Business Contract Training focuses on the College Priority 5: Strengthen enrollment, partnerships, and pathways to student achievement. Contract training works in collaboration with community partners to provide training aligned with industry needs for a skilled workforce. Contracts are developed by training component, not by the number of participants and provides a bridge between educational programs and on-the-job skill training. Training includes:

Online and on-ground non-credit classes for job skills enhancement

Short-term certifications

Industry credentials

Opportunities for training savings through matching grants and tax credits.

Contact Business and Contract Training at (360) 538-4012 for details on these opportunities.

Teacher Certification Clock Hour Verification

Grays Harbor College is approved by the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction to offer Continuing Education courses which meet teacher professional certification needs. Many online classes are available for clock-hour credit, as are some on-ground Continuing Education courses. All courses must be approved by your school district before enrolling in a course. Many Ed2Go courses qualify for clock hour credit.

Contact Business and Contract Training at (360) 538-4094 for details on these opportunities.

Community Education

Grays Harbor College is committed to Service to Community. Every person should have the opportunity for lifelong learning! Community Education classes and offices are throughout Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties, at Riverview Education Center in Raymond, Columbia Education Center in Ilwaco, and on campus in Aberdeen.

Community Education Classes

We offer lifelong learning and personal enrichment opportunities for adults through online and on-ground non-credit courses including:

Computers and Technology
Financial Literacy
Health and Wellness
Special Interests

Come join us as we explore the arts, history, languages, dance and many other topics! It’s a great way to meet new people and energize your mind. Best of all, there are no tests - only the pleasure of learning and exploring!

The Community Education office is located on the main campus and can be reached at (360) 538-4094. You can view all the course offerings online at: www.ghc.edu/ce.


Over 500 online courses are available for both personal enrichment and job skills enhancement. These 6-week courses are non-credit, begin monthly and certificates of completion are available.

Contact the Community Education office at (360) 538-4094 for details.

GHC EDventures

Offered monthly, guided travel activities explore the arts, history, culture and the natural wonders of Western Washington. Our EDventures can be day trips or overnight trips and include transportation, admission fees, guided tours and snacks. Some of our popular trips include: Mt. Rainer Excursion, Lake Union Cruise, Murder Mystery Dinner Train, Quinault Rainforest Rendezvous, and Pike Place Market! Check out the current list online at: EDventures.

Contact the Community Education office at (360) 538-4094 for details.

Senior Citizens

Any student over age sixty can register for “credit” community education classes. Other special fees normally charged students must also be paid by senior citizens. State you are a senior citizen and provide your birthdate to receive the “for credit” senior citizen rate.

Contact the Community Education office at (360) 538-4094 for details on community education opportunities.

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

Grays Harbor College offers classes to the incarcerated individuals housed at Stafford Creek Corrections Center located approximately seven miles west of the Aberdeen campus. The College offers classes in Adult Basic Education, HS+, English as a Second Language, and assists incarcerated students with the completion of their high school diploma or GED®. Faculty also provides incarcerated students with vocational opportunities upon completion/verification of a high school diploma or GED. Vocational programs offered are: Business Management (1-year certificate), an Associate in Applied Science Business Degree, an Associate in Applied Science Human Services Degree, Construction Trades Apprenticeship Program (CTAP), and Welding (1-year certificate). Other offerings include a pre-college math series (MATH 060 , MATH 070 , MATH 097 , MATH 098 ). All courses are aimed at helping incarcerated students become well prepared to enter the world of work or school, and ultimately assist them in becoming productive members of society upon their release.

Distance Learning (ELearning)

Distance Learning, also known as eLearning, at Grays Harbor College extends learning opportunities to students who are unable to attend class in person using online instruction and interactive television (ITV). The eLearning department supports all GHC classes with online technology and emerging educational technologies, whether your course is online or in the classroom. Support for eLearning is also provided by library databases and ebooks and a variety of online college services available to our students. We believe that a top-class education is for everyone, everywhere.

Transitions (Basic Education For Adults)

Adults with or without a diploma may enroll in a variety of classes designed to improve reading, writing, and math skills as they prepare to reach their educational, occupational, and personal goals.

English Language Acquisition

English Language Acquisition (ELA) classes are designed for students whose first language is not English. GHC offers classes that will help students learn to speak, listen, read and write better in English. Math, digital technology and employability skills are also taught in all classes. ELA classes are offered in the morning and evening, and in face-to-face and hybrid formats. Classes cost $25 per quarter. Waivers of this fee are available. To learn more or to schedule an orientation appointment to get started call (360) 538-4167 (se habla español). This coursework helps prepare a student for postsecondary education and/or employment.

High School Completion Options

High School+ (HS+)

HS+ is designed for students, 18 years old and above, who want to earn a Washington State high school diploma, awarded through Grays Harbor College. To earn the diploma, a student must meet Washington State graduation requirements and complete GHC requirements that help prepare students for college and career pathways. A student can receive credit for prior learning by submitting documentation such as a high school transcript, college transcript, placement test scores, employment history records, specialized training, certificates and more. The coursework needed to earn a HS+ diploma is offered in person or online at a cost of $25 per quarter. Waivers of this fee are available. To learn more or to schedule an orientation appointment to get started call (360) 538-4167. This coursework helps prepare a student for postsecondary education and/or employment.

High School Equivalency (GED®)

Grays Harbor College offers classes designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to pass the four GED® tests - math, social studies, science and reasoning through language arts. Classes are $25 per quarter and a waiver of this fee is available. Classes are offered in online, in person, or hybrid formats. Students between the ages of 16 and 18 must provide a written release from the student’s high school granting permission to participate in GHC’s program. Release forms must be obtained from the high school. To learn more or to schedule an orientation appointment to get started call (360) 538-4167. This coursework helps prepare a student for post-secondary education and/or employment. GHC serves as a testing center for the GED®.

I-BEST Programs

Integrated Basic Education & Skills Training (I-BEST) allows students to begin working on a career path while improving reading, writing, and math skills. Current IBEST programs are Automotive Technology, Carpentry Technology and Welding Technology. Students who need to complete high school could potentially participate in an IBEST program while they earn a high school diploma or GED®.
Fundamental skills are taught within the context of the career program. IBEST students are supported by two instructors in the classroom at the same time and extra support services are also provided. To learn more about the I-BEST program call (360) 538-4167.

Complete Your High School Education

GHC offers Adult High School Diplomas where students can earn college credit while completing a GHC High School Diploma. This program is for adults 19 years of age or older who did not complete high school. You will earn a diploma, which meets State of Washington requirements. To learn more, contact Enrollment Services at enrollment@ghc.edu or by calling (360)532-9020.

Students who are 16 years or older who complete an associate degree (AA, AS, AAS, AAS-T, AT) may request a state high school diploma from the college upon written request. Students under this category are eligible for funding provided for K-12 students. These students are not required to complete the State Board of Education’s graduation requirements. For information, contact Enrollment Services at enrollment@ghc.edu or by calling (360) 532-9020.

Students enrolled through Running Start who complete an associate degree (AA, AS, AAS, AAS-T, AT) may be awarded a state high school diploma from the college upon written request by the student. These students are not required to complete the State Board of Education’s graduation requirements. For information, contact Enrollment Services at enrollment@ghc.edu or by calling (360) 532-9020.

High School Programs (Dual Credit)

Grays Harbor College fully participates in the Running Start program initiated by the state legislature in 1990. Running Start gives high school juniors and seniors who demonstrate college-level skills the opportunity to take courses at a community college.

To qualify for Running Start, students must be high school juniors or seniors, under the age of 21, and qualify at college-level in English, reading, and/or math on the placement test or through an approved alternative placement.

Those who qualify may choose to take a combination of high school and college courses, or enroll exclusively in college courses. All college courses (numbered 100 and above) successfully completed may be applied to degrees at GHC. It is possible for high school students who begin Running Start as juniors to graduate from high school with their Associate in Arts degree, ready to transfer to their chosen college or university to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Running Start students are responsible for the cost of books, supplies, transportation, and fees. Fee waivers and book scholarships are available to students who qualify based on family income or free/reduced school lunch. Please contact the Running Start Coordinator for details on the fee waiver and book scholarship. Tuition is covered up to 15 credits per quarter as long as the combined course load between GHC and the high school remains below 1.2 FTE (full-time equivalency). Students with combined high school and college schedules that exceed 1.2 FTE during any college quarter must pay tuition for the additional credits. For more information about Running Start, contact (360) 538-2526 or go to https://www.ghc.edu/academics/runningstart.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit Program

GHC’s CTE Dual Credit Program is a dual credit opportunity for high school students to gain GHC credit for specially-designed courses taken at your high school. Currently, participants include Aberdeen School District, Elma School District, North Thurston, Hoquiam, Mary M Knight, South Bend School District, Montesano Schools, Ocosta School District, Raymond Sr High School, Twin Harbor Skills Center, and Willapa Valley Sr High. Depending on high school schedule and appropriate teacher credentials, students may be eligible to earn college and high school credits in Accounting, Business Management, Business Technology, Carpentry, Criminal Justice, Medical Assistant, and Welding. For more information please contact your high school counselor or contact the Workforce Education office at (360) 538-4011.