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2022-23 Catalog 
2022-23 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AUTO 211 - Power Trains/Transmissions (Manual and Automatic)

16 credits

Placement in MATH 060 , ENGL 060 , and READ 080 ; and instructor permission.

This course is a study of the vehicle power train and methods of delivering power from the engine to the drive wheels. Topics of study will include details of power flow in a manual transmission/transaxle and automatic transmission/transaxle, gear ratios, driveline components and construction, differential components, clutch systems, transfer cases, and drive axles. Much emphasis will be given to diagnosis and troubleshooting techniques.

Theory Hours
8 theory hours.

Guided Practice Hours
16 guided practice hours.

Vocational Program Course
Vocational program course.

AA General Elective
May be used as a general elective in the AA degree.

Course Outcomes
To meet the course standards and demonstrate the ability to meet the outcomes expectations of this course (competency in the discipline (4 CD), literacy (2 L), critical thinking (3 CT), social and personal responsibility (4 SP), and information use (4 IU)] student will:

  • Demonstrate employability by following safe work practices, being on time, maintaining proper attendance, and properly following written and oral instruction (SP)
  • Demonstrate safety and proper work habit (CD, SP)
  • Meet NATEF competency criteria in the following areas:
    • Identify the components of rear-wheel drive automatic and manual transmission, clutch, and differential operation. (L, CT)
    • Identify the components of front-wheel drive automatic and manual transmission/transaxle clutch, and differential components. (L, CT)
    • Remove and install driveline, automatic and manual transmission/transaxles components. (CD, SP, IU)
    • Diagnose/repair of front-wheel drive automatic and manual transmission/transaxle systems. (CD, CT, SP, IU)
    • Diagnose /repair of rear-wheel drive automatic and manual transmission systems.
      (CD, CT, SP, IU)

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