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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate in Business

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The Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (AB-DTA/MRP) degree is for students who intend to secure a bachelor degree in business from a four-year college or university. Students who complete the AB-DTA degree will have satisfied the lower division general education requirements and lower division business requirements at the baccalaureate institutions. It does not, however, guarantee admission to Washington public baccalaureate schools of business. The degree meets the guidelines of the Direct Transfer Agreement set forth by the Intercollege Relations Commission (ICRC). This degree requires completion of ninety academic credits in courses numbered 100 or above with a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA. Required are fifteen credits in writing and quantitative skills plus fifteen credits in social science, fifteen credits in humanities, ten credits in science, five credits in math, plus twenty credits of specified business electives and ten credits of general elective coursework.

General Requirements (20 credits required)

Communications (10 credits)

(See note 1 for EWU and CWU requirements)

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Skills (10 credits)

Distribution Requirements (45 credits required)

Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement students must distribute at least 45 credits in the areas of the humanities, social science, and science (15 credits each). Shaped by a shared concern for academic breadth and depth, distribution courses lay a foundation for college or university education, grounding further work in four-year transfer institutions. Beyond 45 credits, these courses may also be used to fulfill general elective requirements.

Social Science (15 credits)

A total of fifteen (15) credits is required (10 credits in Economics and 5 credits selected from Social Science Distribution Requirements  areas A, C or D).

Humanities (15 credits)

A total of fifteen (15) credits is required in humanities. A minimum of five (5) credits are required from three different areas, labeled A through G from the Associate in Arts degree humanities distribution  courses listed. (See notes 2,3)

Natural Science (15 credits)

A total of fifteen (15) credits is required in science (5 credits in Statistics and 10 credits in two different areas of science – physical, biological, and earth). At least one laboratory course is required. A minimum of ten credits are required from Natural Science  areas A, B, or D. (See note 4)

Specified Business Electives (20 credits)

The following courses, for a total of 20 credits, are required.

Universities with a lower division Business Law requirement: UW (all campuses), WSU (all campuses), EWU, CWU, WWU, Gonzaga, SMU, SPU, Whitworth. The following institutions do not require a lower division Business Law course and agree to accept the course taken as part of this degree as a lower division elective, but generally not as an equivalent to the course required at the upper division: Heritage, PLU, SU, and Walla Walla University (See note 5)

General Electives (5 credits maximum)

Five credits of non-business electives except as noted below. (See note 6) Although not all courses may transfer independently, they may be acceptable as part of Grays Harbor College’s transfer arrangements at four-year institutions. They may constitute, however, no more than ten credits in any degree program. Only three PE activity credits may count as general electives.

Minimum Credits Required: 90

Business School Admission

For program planning purposes, students are advised that the lower-division requirements for individual Washington public university business schools may vary. Admission to Washington public baccalaureate Schools of Business is not guaranteed to students holding an Associate in Business - DTA Degree. It is strongly recommended that students contact the baccalaureate granting business school early in their Associate in Business - DTA program to be advised about additional requirements (e.g., GPA and procedures for admission). Please note that admission for many business schools is competitive; and higher grade-point averages and course grades are often required. Please check with your potential transfer institution.


  1. To meet the current EWU requirements, the second English Composition course must be equivalent to EWU’s English 201-College Composition: Analysis, Research, and Documentation.
  2. Students are encouraged to include a speech or oral communication course (not small group communication).
  3. Students aiming for the international business major should consult their potential transfer institution regarding the level of world language required for admission to the major. Five credits in world languages may apply to the Humanities requirement.
  4. Students aiming for the manufacturing management major at WWU should consult WWU regarding the selection of natural science courses required for admission to the major.
  5. International students who completed a business law course specific to their home country must take a business law course at a U.S. institution in order to demonstrate proficiency in U.S. business law.
  6. Five institutions have requirements for admission to the major that go beyond those specified above. Students can meet these requirements by careful selection of the elective University Course Equivalent to:

WSU (all campuses): Management Information Systems MIS 250
Gonzaga: Management Information Systems BMSI 235
PLU: Computer Applications CSCE 120, either an equivalent course or skills test
SPU: Spreadsheets BUS 1700, either an equivalent course or skills test
WWU: Introduction to Business Computer Systems MIS 220 (for transferring students entering fall 2014)

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